Facebook – Stop Bullying

Facebook's Public Policy team asked Beyond and myself to design an experience to inform teens, parents and educators on how to prevent and take action against bullying (both online and offline). Facebook partnered with Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence, which wrote content specific to these audiences, and we brought it to life through words and pictures.

I directed the overall design strategy, from UX to copy writing to illustration. A big challenge, albeit a fun challenge, was illustration. Creating compositions and capturing the tone for each audience scenario was extremely difficult, as there was a sensitivity with each that needed addressing, especially with teens. We had a style we wanted to go for in terms of line, form, color and texture, but the compositions themselves had to be specific enough to capture human emotion and connect to the viewers/users, but agnostic enough to avoid criticism.

This was not only a fun and challenging project, but also a very satisfying and rewarding one. Bullying is a persistent problem faced by many in the world today, and we hope the destination we created helps others take action against it.

Abby Putinski - Illustration